Rangers to the EPL?

Rangers and Celtic for many years have been exploring the possibility of moving into the English Premier League. For various reasons this has never gone to any serious level of discussion, at least not publicly. With Rangers now in serious financial trouble and the chance of the club being wound up feasible, would this be the ideal chance for Rangers to make the jump into English football?

Should Rangers in its current form disappear, it can be assumed there would be a phoenix club to emerge. The new Glasgow Rangers would need to start at the bottom of Scottish football, again assuming they would be permitted to enter at Division 3 as there is no promotion and relegation out of the professional game in Scotland. This would mean a minimum of three seasons out of the top flight in Scotland. I am sure it will not have escaped those at Rangers that a phoenix club could have the option of reforming in the English league system, thus give Rangers the chance to eventually play in the Premier League and enjoy all the riches that would offer. Now considering clubs in The Championship have more financial power than the Old Firm does currently, and even big clubs in League One like Leeds have been able to bring players in from Scottish Premier League clubs, it would likely be only a few extra seasons before Rangers would be back on the same financial level as they have been in recent times playing in English football.

What this would mean for Celtic and Scottish football more generally would be difficult to determine, though a Scottish league dominated by Celtic and without the Old Firm wouldn’t be a great product to sell to fans and sponsors. This is of course all hypothetical, and hopefully Rangers will emerge from this situation a strong and smarter club. However, whenever a door shuts, another opens, and the future of Rangers could prove to be very different from their past.


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